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electricdog fenceIs there something invisible in this world? Through the help of science, the researches and experiments made by experts enable people to discover and explore this world of wonders. They create reality out of what others think to be the craziest idea ever. But observe the world today. Countries make themselves progressive due to the result of their exploration. Inventions made invisibility made possible. Take invisible dog fence amazon for example. How do this invisible dog fences be possible?

Underground wirings make this invisible idea possible. Invisible dog fences are mixture of technology, electronics and training. The components of the system create the existence of the preferred absurd idea. Here are the secrets on how wireless electric dog fence or underground fences works:

The underground or wireless fence is composed of a transmitter, underground wiring and a lightweight receiver worn on the dog’s collar.

1.       The Transmitter

The electric dog fence transmitter releases radio signal which travels through the underground wire which is installed. Thus, many pets can be accommodated in the fence as long as you have collars.

These transmitters are easy to attach. For you to hang this one, you will need screws such as screwdriver and electrical outlet. Be reminded that it must be attached in a dry location like in your garage.

2.       The Underground Wiring

These wires are single component of insulated wires.  It will cover the boundaries you set as a fence for your dog. The loops of these wires will start the transmitter   then around your property and it will be back to the same transmitter.

The wire must be buried 1 to 3 inches below your yard surface.  Although the wires can also work even if it’s not buried, it will be safer to keep it below the ground.

The basic pet fence kit may come in 500 feet roll. This amount of wire is sufficient for about half acre of land. Purchasing additional loops of wire is advisable when you prefer to create fence in the larger area for your dog.

3.       The Receiver

The receiver will be connected to the underground electric dog fence wire. The waterproof receiver and a collar is the most basic wireless pet fence kit form. There are different sizes of collar and dog’s neck. You can buy a collar at the pet store if the collar included in the kit is not suitable to your dog. If you want to a have number of pets in the fence, you must purchase additional collars and receivers.

How the system of this electronic dog fence work looks like a mystery for others. What they perceived as enigmatic is really a product of some prodigies.   The transmitter, loops of wire and the receiver are the main reason for making boundary invisible.

Give Your Dogs the Exercise That They Need with the Help of Innotek Dog Fence

Just like humans, your dog also needs exercise. A dog with little or no exercise can actually become lazy or overweight, and can even develop some health problems. This could also make them feel stressed, fretful and unhappy that is why you have to always give your dog enough exercise to keep his good physical condition.

However, getting your favorite pet enough exercise can really be difficult today, especially if you have a very busy schedule. Sometimes, spending time with your dog is very limited since you have various commitments at home or in the office. Fortunately, there are a lot of things that you can do to juggle your very busy schedule and keep your dog in perfect physical condition.


Ways to Give Your Dog Exercise Even With Your Busy Schedule

Dogs require daily exercise, and they also need to follow a good lifestyle in order for them to stay active and smart. Dogs also require a great combination of food, exercise as well as enough attention and time from their master and other family members. Do not allow your busy schedule to ruin the good lifestyle that your dog deserves. All they really need are attention, love and care from their masters or owners.

  • Run your dog down and up the stairs.

Just the same as people, your pet also needs physical activities for them to keep going and to become active throughout the day. This serves as one of the most important factors in your dog’s lifestyle. Even when you have a very busy schedule, there are a lot of indoor activities that your dog can enjoy and one of which is running your dog down and up the stairs. Using the stairs at home offers a great way to be able to tire out your pet. Every step will add an additional challenge to the workout of your dog.

  • The Laser Pointer

Have an inexpensive laser pointer and shine it back and forth across your floor. Watch as your pet dog begins to chase it out in the process, just be careful to prevent from shining the laser through the eyes of your dog.

  • Start getting your dog on the treadmill.

When you are doing your own workout, you can also get your pet on the treadmill. This is one of the best ways that you can do to have some bonding moments with your dog. A treadmill is offering a great way to get him a dose of healthy exercise even when you are just inside your home. The first thing that you can do is to allow your dog t become comfortable with the sound and sight of the running treadmill. You may also stand in front of your treadmill and reward him with some treats.

  • Set up some obstacle courses.

This is one of the best forms of exercise that you can give your dog. You can map everything out and then lead your dog through different obstacles courses. This form of exercise will not only make him stay active but can also improve the mentality of your dog. This game will also challenge your dog physically.

These forms of exercises are actually indoor exercises that you can do with your dog. These exercises, of course are not always enough to your active dog that always want to do some running and walking exercises outside your home. Dogs must also run and do some walking exercises in order to meet their needs.

Taking care of the health of your dog is very important and dog exercise is highly vital to their health. If you think that you are so busy to spend time with your dog because you have some crazy schedules at home or in the office, keeping your dog in good shape with enough exercise should also be one of your top priorities. Remember that dogs need exercise for their own health and for their overall being. Do not compromise the health or overall being of your dog just because you do not have some time to give him the right exercise that your pup deserves.

If you do not have some time to work out with your dog even when you are just inside your home, there is now the best solution for your problem. With the use of Innotek dog fence, your dog will always get enough room to exercise and to play around whenever your dog wants to, even when you do not have time to take your dog out for a walk. This is actually using a band which enables the signals to be transmitted from the system directly to the receiver. This can help you dog to know well his boundaries. Furthermore, with the use of this innovative dog fence, your dog can have enough energy to their responsibility every day. This dog fence serves as a means of allowing your dog more time for unsupervised exercise. Dog fence are not only beneficial for dogs, but for dog owners as well.

A lot of people are really apprehensive with the use of how much are electric fences for dogs because some of them think that it may just harm their dog. However, there is nothing that you have to worry about. These dog fences are totally safe, so there is no need for you to worry about leaving your dog. These are approved, tried and tested by several certified and expert veterinarians, dog trainers and breeders throughout the world. dog fences are offering a solution for all dog owners who want to provide the basic needs of their dog, which is exercise even without their supervision. This provides an opportunity to always keep your dog safe while giving him enough exercise that he actually needs.

With the use of electronic pet door, there is no need for you to worry about the safety of your dog while he is enjoying his time playing around. This also allows you to set up the boundaries for your dog, and the bands are also helpful for your dog to determine his limitations. This can cover enough space for your dog to enjoy and to exercise even without your supervision.