electricdog fenceIs there something invisible in this world? Through the help of science, the researches and experiments made by experts enable people to discover and explore this world of wonders. They create reality out of what others think to be the craziest idea ever. But observe the world today. Countries make themselves progressive due to the result of their exploration. Inventions made invisibility made possible. Take invisible dog fence amazon for example. How do this invisible dog fences be possible?

Underground wirings make this invisible idea possible. Invisible dog fences are mixture of technology, electronics and training. The components of the system create the existence of the preferred absurd idea. Here are the secrets on how wireless electric dog fence or underground fences works:

The underground or wireless fence is composed of a transmitter, underground wiring and a lightweight receiver worn on the dog’s collar.

1.       The Transmitter

The electric dog fence transmitter releases radio signal which travels through the underground wire which is installed. Thus, many pets can be accommodated in the fence as long as you have collars.

These transmitters are easy to attach. For you to hang this one, you will need screws such as screwdriver and electrical outlet. Be reminded that it must be attached in a dry location like in your garage.

2.       The Underground Wiring

These wires are single component of insulated wires.  It will cover the boundaries you set as a fence for your dog. The loops of these wires will start the transmitter   then around your property and it will be back to the same transmitter.

The wire must be buried 1 to 3 inches below your yard surface.  Although the wires can also work even if it’s not buried, it will be safer to keep it below the ground.

The basic pet fence kit may come in 500 feet roll. This amount of wire is sufficient for about half acre of land. Purchasing additional loops of wire is advisable when you prefer to create fence in the larger area for your dog.

3.       The Receiver

The receiver will be connected to the underground electric dog fence wire. The waterproof receiver and a collar is the most basic wireless pet fence kit form. There are different sizes of collar and dog’s neck. You can buy a collar at the pet store if the collar included in the kit is not suitable to your dog. If you want to a have number of pets in the fence, you must purchase additional collars and receivers.

How the system of this electronic dog fence work looks like a mystery for others. What they perceived as enigmatic is really a product of some prodigies.   The transmitter, loops of wire and the receiver are the main reason for making boundary invisible.

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